Formula Super Vee

Formula Super Vee is the modern version of what we traditionally know as Formula Vee which is one of the world’s longest surviving single seater racing categories. Super Vee was launched in October 2022 and is currently growing at a very rapid rate. This is an economical and affordable category to race in and relies on the drivers' ability rather than wealth or money. The rules and regulations are reviewed annually by the Super Vee Association of South Africa and is driven by the principles of fair and cost-effective racing. Super Vee South Africa believes in good sportsmanship

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super Vee race car

A super Vee race car is a single seater race car that uses a 1.6i Volkswagen golf/polo 8 valve engine. The front suspension is a beetle type 1 suspension that uses a beam. The rear suspension is a swing axle from a Beetle type 1. The gearbox is a type 1 AC, AS or and combination of the AS and SC gearbox. The fuelling is restricted to an MP9 VW Golf/Polo intake system. The Super Vee cars runs a STD Dictator engine management system. Tyres are restricted to 15 inch semi-slicks. The braking system is a Citi Golf solid disc and calliper. We race using standard pump fuels with no additives being allowed. The Super Vee race cars are designed to be cost effective but competitive. The mechanical components or the cars are similar hence all drivers have an equal chance of being victorious.